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Now you can find a business or person with both Yellow™ and White pages® while you’re out and about.

Yellow™ on iPhone is a free application that incorporates both White pages® residential search and Yellow™ business search. It’s quick, easy to use, and has heaps of helpful features.

With Yellow™ simply click to call a business, view a map, get directions, parking details, phone numbers, addresses, opening hours and more. And using your phone’s GPS, you can search for businesses nearby.

With White pages® just type in a person’s surname, initials and location to get addresses, phone number info and directions to their house.

Features of the app include...

  • Search Yellow™ or residential White pages® with ease
  • With Find a Business, set you own search radius – as refined or broad as you want
  • Maps with normal and satellite view
  • Get walking or driving directions
  • Save your common Find a Business searches for quick access
  • Save businesses and friends to your iPhone contacts
  • Share listings via email
  • Choose the number of results per page

Download Yellow™ for iPhone free from the Apple store online.

If you already have the app, you’ll be automatically asked if you want the free upgrade to include White pages®.

Whatever you’re looking for when you’re out and about, find it with Yellow™ on iPhone!

For more information Contact Yellow

Normal internet charges apply in accordance with your iPhone or iPod Touch plan


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